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MarkBook® (Cloud version) works in your browser; however we also give you the option of having the application installed directly on your computer. BOTH access the same data.

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What happened to the Original MarkBook®?

The same traditional features, only for Windows® computers.

What is a Cloud Application?

Your class data is encrypted and available on all computers running Windows®, macOS® or ChromeOSTM.

Can I just use the Browser flavour?

Yes! Written for ChromeOSTM, the data is secure on servers for use on any internet connected computer.

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There's a MarkBook® for Every Teacher

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Browser Trial


30 Days

Unlimited Classes

Limited Application Use

MarkBook® Cloud Edition


Annual Renewal

Cloud based Application

Access by any Computer

MarkBook® for Windows®


Annual Renewal

Windows® OS only

Local Data Storage

Install the MarkBook® Cloud Application on your computer

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