What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of Software as a Service (SaaS). It may be completely browser-based or running on an installed Application, accessing the same stored data from a central server.
Cloud Technology

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What happened to the Original MarkBook®?

The same traditional features, only for Windows® computers.

Can I install MarkBook® on my computer?

Yes! MarkBook® (Cloud version) comes in two flavours.

Can I just use the Browser flavour?

Yes! Written for ChromeOSTM, the data is secure on servers for use on any internet connected computer.

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Cloud Computing and Security

“Security was considered a major concern for some time, and even a show stopper, for public cloud migration. Public cloud security has transitioned from a major concern to one of the drivers for cloud migration. The rationale behind this is the superior ability of large public cloud service providers to protect applications and the data of cloud-based assets.”
Abstract taken from Microsoft®: Introduction to Azure® Security

MarkBook® takes concerns about the security of your private information very seriously - our Cloud application:

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